Model Patient. Model.

Many of you are probably already familiar with Emily’s extensive resume – multi-sport athlete, portfolio compliance expert, eater of hamburgers, drinker of champagne, dog lover, exceptional wife and friend, the list goes on and on.  These days Emily is a model cancer patient – positive, strong, and determined.  It wasn’t so very long ago that Emily was also a ‘regular’ model though.  Yep, a model..

Emily, Model

Emily [the model] was discovered while in high school in Moscow, Idaho.  She wore the latest late-90’s fashions while gracing the pages of local department store clothing ads.  She also drove some of the WSU (Washington State University) athletes crazy while shooting photos for her portfolio on the round windowsill outside of their weight room.

Emily, Model Patient

Emily [the model patient] completed her second round of chemotherapy today.  She wore the latest in awesome cancer-kicking fashion – extraordinary homemade quilt (thanks Melanie and friends!), I’ll-show-cancer-who’s-boss t-shirt (thanks Danny!), and silver charm necklace (thanks London colleagues!).  Chemotherapy often makes peoples hair fall out; however, Emily has instead grown a mustache.

AWESOME NEWS: Today during Emily’s appointment her doctors no longer heard wheezing in her lung.  This is a good sign that the chemotherapy is having an impact and the tumor is shrinking.  After Emily completes her third session of chemotherapy in September she will undergo a full work up complete with body scans to assess the cancer’s status.


4 thoughts on “Model Patient. Model.

  1. Emily, You are an example!! I never met you, but I can see your joy trough this beautiful smile always!! In every single picture!! I’m sure you will be soon back to work and to your ‘normal’ life!!

  2. I don’t recall your modelling career being listed on your resume as a recruit…how could that have been omitted?! Nice stash…

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