R & R in San Diego

In preparation for her second round of chemotherapy, Emily, Miles, and a few friends spent the weekend relaxing and having fun in sunny San Diego.  Emily had regained her strength following the first chemo treatment on July 23rd so Best Buddy Josh Zazulia planned two fun-filled days (complete with Itinerary) to recharge her spirits.  Josh cashed in some of his hard-earned hotel points to get everyone a room at the swanky US Grant Hotel.  When the hotel manager heard that Emily’s fight against lung cancer was the purpose behind the weekend stay, he promptly upgraded the room to the penthouse Presidential Suite.  The suite was amazing – complete with two levels, exceptionally sparkly crystal chandeliers, panoramic views of the city, and one bed for eleven people.  No problem though – there was plenty of floor space so Josh dutifully ordered five roll-away cots (all at one hour intervals in hopes that the hotel would not catch on).

The gang spent time at the beach, walked around the Gaslamp District, ate good food, partook in competitive board gaming, and laughed an obscene amount.  The trip served as a reminder of all the incredible things that we have to be grateful for.  Tomorrow, Emily heads to City of Hope for her next round of chemotherapy relaxed, in good spirits, and just slightly tanner than she was before.

Click on the photos below if you would like to see an enlarged version.


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