The First Day(s)

The first day of kindergarten is a pretty big day for most kids – some are excited, others are scared, and there is always that one little guy or gal who can’t stop sobbing.  Emily was pumped for kindergarten.  Actually, pumped might be an understatement.

Unbeknownst to her parents, Emily woke up extremely early (even before her parents who usually got up around 5:30AM), completely dressed herself in the special ‘first day of school’ outfit that had been carefully laid out the night before, and was standing by the front door, waiting.

On that big first day her Mom and Dad ‘leisurely’ got up at 5:30AM, found she wasn’t in her room, and so began the search.  Check the bathroom, nope.  Check little brother Chris’ room, nope.  Low and behold, there she was by the front door – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with the biggest smile possible, wondering what was wrong with her parents for not being up!

Yesterday was Emily’s first day back to work since her diagnosis (she will be working intermittently between chemotherapy sessions).  While she didn’t wake up at 5:30AM this time, she was still bright-eyed, smiley, and beautiful as ever.  Instead of a little colored lunch box, she had a brown bag full of Smart Water and mashed potatoes.  On this first day, Emily had all of her front teeth and was able to drive herself to the office (win-win!).

Emily is already looking forward to another big ‘First Day’ – when she kicks cancer and greets her first day as a lung cancer survivor.  We are all looking forward to that first day.


One thought on “The First Day(s)

  1. Yaaaaa! Emily on your first day back to work. Keep up the good spirits because you’ll get through this with all the love and support of family and friends. I’m always asking Emily how you’re doing and I’m glad she created this site for us all to keep up. Take care and my prayers are with you and the family, Wanda

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