So Long Snuggie

Once upon a time Snuggies made blankets hip.  Staying warm had never been so fun.  Giant sleeves?!  Hooray!  Well Snuggie, your reign is over.  It’s impossible to get excited about a flimsy little piece of fleece once you’ve seen this incredible work of art.

The nine Master Quilters with their Masterpiece

Emily and Miles’ dear friend Melanie Folk and eight of her friends made this amazing quilt for Emily.  The front of the quilt has nine squares, each one made by a different individual with various themes that relate to Emily.  The back of the quilt is a huge lung cancer ribbon.  So long Snuggie, it’s been real..

Melanie, Mischelle, Haidee, May, Tasha, Rachel, Jenna, Lausanne, and Charlene – you ladies are incredible!

Melanie and her friends got together a couple weekends ago and were talking and brainstorming about what they could do for Emily when Charlene came up with the idea to make a quilt for her to take to chemotherapy.  All of these ladies are all in the fashion industry and know how to sew, but most of them had never actually made a quilt before.  They formulated plan to each make a 20″ x 20″ mini quilt and then sew them all together to make a queen sized quilt for Emily to snuggle up with.

Melanie sent the girls a list of all sorts of things that Emily loves and they discussed what the plans were for their individual squares.  Balance was key so the quilt didn’t wind up with nine squares of embroidered portraits of Miles and Ginny (although that still would have been awesome).  The girls each finished the individual squares and then got together for a “stitch and bitch” on their first collaboration project ever!

Rachael hosted the quilting party and made an amazing brunch so everyone would have energy to sew all day.  The girls all marveled at each other’s squares as this was the first time they saw one another’s work for the project.  They laid out all of the squares and decided which should go where so everything was balanced.  They worked all day together cutting, sewing, ironing, taking pictures, and of course cracking each other up.  It was a really fun project to work on and everyone poured all of their good vibes, positive energy, and love into the quilt so it can comfort Emily when she wraps up in it!

See descriptions below for a breakdown of the squares and their makers starting from the top left corner.  You can also click on any of the photos above to see an enlarged version.
Row 1:
Charlene – A mash up of all things Emily:  Cheeseburgers (Emily’s favorite food), cute little cartoon family that is Emily, Miles and Ginny, Irish themed fabric for their love of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and 4th of July pinwheel fabric for their wedding anniversary.  Charlene also hand embroidered “life is good”.
Jenna – Emily’s favorite show is How I Met Your Mother so a Barney Stinson theme it was!  Keep Calm and Stay Legen…wait for it…DARY!!!
Haidee – Emily loves McDonalds so a Big Mac, french fries, and milkshake were some of the patches along with football and basketball.

Row 2:
Melanie – Volleyball with some extra courage because “EmBen used to kick butt on the volleyball court, now she’s kicking cancer!!”
Rachael – The tree of life with some love birds in it!
May – A 4-leaf clover for luck and the memories of celebrating many St. Patrick’s days jigging the night away!

Row 3:
Tasha – A traditional quilt pattern meaning “Prosperity”
Lausanne – A beach theme with happy bright colors and rays of sunshine!
Mischelle – A traditional quilt in red, Emily’s favorite color and with a hand embroidered “Emily <3”


5 thoughts on “So Long Snuggie

  1. hello emben and miles..greetings from steeler country…i am a friend of colleen and mikes..i am so moved by ur fight against cancer..i married off my first daughter this past weekend and have had u 2 on my mind thru out…you story is so emotional charged and it hit me thoughts and prayers are with you and your family’s…i will be making a few steeler items for emily and collen will send them to you..i will continue to pray for you and keep you in my daily thoughts..on a lighter note..this website kicks ass and put together so well..does anyone else think david collarusso looks alot like miles? I DO… Lesa Krotec

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  3. You girls are amazing…the quilt is beautiful! Great job! Keeping Emily and Miles in our thoughts and prayers from Kentucky…can someone tell me where I can find the bracelets for sale on the website? Thanks….Nancy (friend of Colleen and Michele)

    • Hi Nancy,

      There is a link on the blog post about the bracelet. I just did it yesterday and once you find the website, its very easy to order the bracelets. They are beautiful and I can’t wait to get mine!


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