Developments in Davis

On Monday, July 30th, Miles and his sister EmTay had a conference call with Danielle Hicks, the Director of Patient Advocacy at the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation.  This incredible woman was on her family vacation and took the time to review all of Emily’s records and inform Miles and EmTay of the incredible research by Dr. David Gandara, the head of Thoracic Oncology at UC Davis. Normally it takes months to get an appointment with this leading lung cancer researcher, but the following day Miles and Emily got a call that Dr. Gandara would see them on Wednesday morning.  Emily can’t fly right now due to her chemo treatments so the two of them jumped in the car and headed 400 miles north to Davis (just outside of Sacramento).

Dr. Gandara and Emily

Emily loved Dr. Gandara and found him to be incredibly informative. If MIT’s Foundation One (a molecular testing lab that is testing the 312 possible drivers of her cancer) can’t identify the driver gene in her cancer, Dr. Gandara will biopsy Emily’s lung and inject her tumor into mice to observe mutations and test treatments.

Emily’s reaction: I feel bad for the mice.

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