Atop the Podium

As Olympic fever sweeps the nation it’s likely that many of you have been glued to NBC’s [delayed] coverage of the 2012 Games from London.  While watching some of the fastest and fittest women in the world race around the track you have probably found yourself wondering “who was the 2001 A1 Division II 100 meter high hurdle Idaho State Champion?”  Well my friends, the answer might surprise you.  Yes, our beloved Emily not only kicks butt and takes names on the volleyball court, but she has been known to school a few ladies on the track.  Cancer, you bit off more than you can chew with this champion!


One thought on “Atop the Podium

  1. Emily,
    With the Olympics going on, we have watched all of the track events so far and last night was the 100 hurdles. Everytime I see this event, I think of you. You were an amazing athlete and I just pulled out my video of state that year and watched as I have been following your story. So it’s pretty funny, that this was just posted. This was the highlight of my coaching career to date.

    You are always in my heart and in my prayers.

    ~ Angela Stark

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