Great Things Come In Small Packages

Mother and Daughter

Emily’s beautiful Mom, Shelley, and dear Dad, Kevin, live in Memphis, Tennessee.  Even though they are 1,800 miles away they still very much a part of the funny / loving / crazy / cute / goofy shenanigans that constitute the dynamic duo of Emily and Miles.  The following excerpt is the story of how Miles almost missed his window of opportunity to ask for Emily’s hand in marriage as told by Shelley.

He had finally decided to pop the question to Emily on their dating anniversary, October 23rd, and so began the planning.  Ideas abounded as to how he would present the question, but he still needed to ask his future in-laws for their permission, being an old-fashioned guy.  In late September and early October 2009, Miles spent countless hours recording and re-recording his request to us for Emily’s hand.  When he finally had exactly what he wanted, including cameo spots by Ginny, he tucked his CD into an envelope and sent it off to his future in-laws.  He alerted us to the arrival of a package from him and that we should open it together.

A few days later we received a package from Miles.  Hmmmmmm, we wondered, what would he be sending us in a Garland Roofing envelope?  Shelley waited anxiously for Kevin to get home from work that day so they could be true to Miles request to open it together.  As we ripped into the envelope, we discovered a variety of metal roofing samples!  Hmmmm again.  What’s he trying to tell us?

Of course we phoned him to pose that question.  He was mortified to say the least, especially as he realized that his CLIENT had received our tape, his video asking for Emily’s hand and explaining why he would make a wonderful husband! 

Now he was really under the gun to get the video to us in time for the real proposal.  Of course, he still didn’t let on to us what it was that he was sending, just that he’d correct the problem.  Again we waited and watched the mail daily.

When the next envelope finally came we were beyond excited as of course we had some inkling of what this meant.  We ripped into this envelope with even more fury, and jammed it into the DVD player on our computer. 

As we watched this incredible, confident, silly, loving, wonderful man lay out all his reasons for wanting to marry Emily and how he’d take care of her no matter what, we were sobbing tears of joy and love.  How could you turn that down?!  Of course, we called him immediately with our blessings and well, you know the rest of the story.  We’d like to add that Miles has held up his end of the bargain 5000% in loving and taking care of our daughter no matter what.  We love you Miles!!!!!

Smiles all around with Kevin, Shelley, Emily, and Miles

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