Happy Birthday Heather!!

Heather Dietz, Human Being Extraordinaire

This week Heather Dietz, human being extraordinaire, sent the following message out to her entire network.  In lieu of celebrating her own birthday, Heather wanted her friends and family to help Emily. Heather currently lives in London, England and has never met Emily.  It’s safe to say that Heather’s ‘network’ had never heard of Emily or her story prior to Heather’s email, yet donations and kind words of support came pouring in from all over.  Emily, Miles, and their families would like to take this opportunity to wish Heather the happiest of birthdays.  The love and energy that she put forth for a stranger was simply breathtaking.

Heather’s email:

Hi – You are a dear friend, and so you know how much I cherish my birthday.  Celebrating life has always been at the top of my to-do list, and I try and find fun ways to do it every day.   And for me, birthdays are especially exciting!

This year, I’d like to celebrate my birthday a little bit differently..

A few days ago my close friend, Annie, shared some sad news with me.  One of her best friends, Emily Taylor, has just been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, a stubborn lung cancer.  Now, what struck me about this story is that Emily is the very picture of health.  She is an athlete that has never smoked, respects and cherishes her health, and cares deeply for the people in her life.

Because you are a dear friend, you also know how much I HATE cancer.  Too many people I love have faced this horrible disease.  I want to punch cancer in the face.  And then step on it.  And then light it on fire. 

So this year, I’d like to celebrate my birthday by celebrating Emily.

Emily and her husband also want to celebrate a special birthday very soon; however, her cancer treatments will prevent her from conceiving naturally.  In the weeks before Emily’s first chemo treatment, she underwent egg collection to protect their dream of building a family, but these costs are not cheap.  Additionally, our genius health care system will also start piling exorbitant treatment costs on this young couple.

So please, instead of clicking on my Facebook page tomorrow and sending me a birthday message, consider clicking on Emily’s website.  Any donation you can offer will help this incredible woman face her aggressive treatments and come out smiling on the other side.  Even $5 is a thoughtful gift, and you will be able to say you did an incredible kindness for someone who really deserves it.

Thank you so much, my friend.


Heather ‘Birthdayz Rule’ Dietz


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Heather!!

  1. Heather, what an incredible young woman you are! Thank you so much for your love and support for our daughter and son-in-law.
    Shelley and Kevin Bennett

  2. What an incredible birthday gift – I’m a little weepy at the moment.
    Sharing your story was the least I could do, and I’m looking forward to watching you kick some serious butt.
    Lots of love from London!!!

  3. Heather, we can’t thank you enough. You generosity is an inspiration. We know lots of good karma is flowing your way. Happy Birthday!

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