Crushing Chemo

Emily started chemotherapy on Monday.  After weeks of determining the type of cancer, treatment methods, etc., we were finally able to stop ‘practicing’ and actually ‘play the game.’  EmBen treated Monday like any other of her past game days, and by the time we got to the hospital, I think she was ready to take a few cracks on a volleyball net.  It may be hard to find someone that eager to receive chemotherapy treatments.

City of Hope once again provided excellent service.  We were given our own private room, where under heated blankets, EmBen was able to cozy up and watch a Romantic Comedy — all while being simultaneously injected with two different types of chemotherapy and one additional drug.  The three hours went by quickly and harmlessly.  Once again, EmBen’s vitality and optimism just illuminated the room.

After touching base with several oncologists and reading numerous websites, pamphlets, brochures, etc., Team EmBen was ready to fight chemotherapy side effects.  However, EmBen responded wonderfully to the anti-nausea medication; as of now, she has yet to have a spell of intense sickness.  Rather, she has been walking the dog regularly, eating often, sleeping soundly, and of course, enriching us with that beautiful smile and humor.  Just the other day, she looked at me and said, “How cool is this?  I am going to be a Cancer Survivor…and people are going to want to pay me for every mile I run!”

As always, EmBen continues to amaze me with her optimism and spirit.  In the last few days, my truck has broken down and will need to be replaced, our dog has gotten an infected tail and is required to wear a giant head cone, and all our cars in the garage were broken into and robbed.  Yet, EmBen just sees this as us saving our ‘Good Karma’ for the chemotherapy effectiveness.  Plus, as many of you can imagine, she is beyond ecstatic to see the demise of my Ford Ranger (which she has refused to ride in since 2010).

In other great news, we were notified late last week that our fertility treatment went without a hitch.  We have 9 embryos that are now frozen and ready to go as soon as we hear the beautiful words, “No Evidence of Disease.”  Given the amount of babies, I made another pitch for the names Gunner, Boomer, & Truck, but was shot down with the comment, “We have 9 babies, not dogs.”

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for all their generosity.  We have been overcome with emotion by all the support from family, friends, workmates, friends of friends, family friends, etc.  The gifts have been so personal and touching.  The cards keep providing daily motivation.  This past Sunday, more than thirty people came and supported EmBen at a nearby restaurant to kick of her start of chemotherapy.  That night before bed, she told me that she was on such a high and that now she had even more reason to fight.  I could visibly see her get stronger.

Thank you so much again for all the support.  Personally, I feel so indebted to all of you.  There is nothing I want more than to have my wife healthy…thank you all for getting us closer to that point.




One thought on “Crushing Chemo

  1. Great news and Go, Emily! Sounds like you have a great medical team and lots of living support from all who love you!

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