The Road to Recovery

Over the past week, EmBen has been taking daily estrogen shots.  Each night, she is injected with hormones.  Consequently, she has developed a little ‘baby bump’ and plenty of healthy eggs (which we see daily during an ultrasound).   A fertility doctor informed us that in another life Emily could be an egg donor…however, in this life, she will have to settle for being a donor to herself.  Tomorrow, she will undergo surgery to remove the eggs.  After a few days of intense nausea, Emily is excited to end her brief pregnancy and pass on that future responsibility to someone else.

This past week, we learned that Emily’s tumor does not possess the most commonly seen abnormalities in lung cancer.  Therefore, we will not be able to utilize targeted therapy for now.   Instead, we will be undergoing chemotherapy.   Emily’s first treatment will be next Monday.   For the administeration of the chemotherapy, we will be given a private room where Emily will sit in a Lazy Boy and be able to watch movies on a television, read an iPad, sleep, etc., while being injected with cancer killing chemo.

Emily is as strong as ever.  She is resting up and preparing to start the fight.  We are excited that the ‘waiting game’ is nearly over and now we can watch her dominate.  The doctors have emphasized that this is not typical lung cancer given her age and lack of smoking, and that she is not the typical lung cancer patient with her youth and health.  Therefore, they will not treat it as such and plan to be very aggressive.  We are excited about this approach knowing that in combination with Emily’s will and heart, she will beat this.

Thank you all again for the kind messages, letters, and flowers*.  We have hung up all the notes of encouragement throughout the apartment and read them daily.   Emily continues to tell me, “I am fighting for us (Emily and I), myself, family, friends, future babies, and fixing up a future house (damn HGTV).”  Thank you all for providing that extra motivation to Emily.  Your kind words only continue to inspire her.

Love to All.  Live in the Moment.


*One Note: I hate to bring this up due to the generosity shown in the gifts; however, it ends up Emily is allergic to flowers.  The flowers started restricting her breathing and given the circumstances, we want to maximize her breathing.  So, if you want to send her anything, make sure it’s incapable of blooming.  And for those who did send flowers, thank you.  The arrangements were beautiful and are still visible on our porch.

Morning of the egg retrieval – ready to make some babies!!


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