Battles & Babies

This past week we received good news:

The cancer is only located in the right lung.  It has spread to the lining of the lung and chest lymph nodes — eliminating a possibility of surgery for now.  However, we are so grateful that it has not spread throughout the body.  It was a stressful few days.  Soon, we will finalize a treatment path (testing on the biopsy currently underway) and it will be game on.  We know we are in for a battle — the doctor stated that the lung is ‘kind of a mess.’  However, now that we know where it is, we feel we are back in control.   EmBen is beyond excited to start the ‘fight’.   She just keeps looking at me and saying, “I am going to kick its f*cking ass.”

Thank you to everyone for all your support, flowers, letters, emails, thoughts, prayers, etc.  We have been beyond touched.  And most importantly, it rejuvenates EmBen and inspires her even more to beat this.  As always, I cannot stress how upbeat and positive she has been throughout all of this.  She continues to laugh and make all of us laugh.   She eats like Kobayashi at a 4th of July BBQ.  And of course, she is still just as beautiful.

Additionally, Emily has started fertility treatment.  Due to the circumstances — treatment will most likely damage her remaining eggs — USC was able to expedite the fertility process.  In 10-14 days, they will extract 10-20 eggs — which will be waiting for us when she is healthy.   And after talk of gestational carriers in the future, Emben keeps looking at the size of my head and finding another reason to be grateful.

Best to all of you and your families.  Love the moment.



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