4th of July – 2nd Anniversary

EmBen has a rare form of lung cancer that young, non-smoking females can be susceptible to. We are still learning the extent of how much it has spread and the specific type of cancer it is. However, thanks to the hospital, the City of Hope, we know we can beat this. Once all the facts are in, the hospital — City of Hope, utilizing targeted therapy and other techniques, will devise a specific plan to lead EmBen to recovery. We have been encouraged by high response rates to certain techniques. Personally, I feel like I am bringing Mike Tyson to a featherweight fight.

Obviously, the last week has been an emotional challenge. However, EmBen has been so impressive with her optimism and confidence. She has adjusted to each step, accepted it as reality and a divine path, and remained confident. Her laugh and smile have been inspiring. She keeps saying, “I know I am going to beat this.”

Today is our 2nd Anniversary.  I cannot state how much I love Emily.  Together, we have spent 8 wonderful years together.  These past two years have been the best of my life.  Together, we have graduated college, gotten our first jobs, moved into our first apartment, moved to the ‘big city’, and now we are faced with a new challenge….one that once again we will accomplish together successfully.

Love the present. Happy Fourth of July.

EmBen & Miles

At the dog beach in Long Beach with the parents, and Ginny!

Anniversary champagne toast with the best friends that anyone could ask for.


One thought on “4th of July – 2nd Anniversary

  1. Emily….
    I have no doubts….your “light” is far too strong to be dimmed by cancer. You are an inspiration.
    Love you

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